In the year 2000, Professor Svetlin launched the series of annual Commemorative Lectures: "Petar Uvaliev - Pro memoria".

He himself inaugurated the 5 year cycle held at Sofia University.On a principle of rotating speakers from each of Petar's "homelands", the following year it was Anthony Rudolf, poet and memorialist, who spoke on "Memory and Text". Professor Alexander Fol gave the third and Professor Cicely Berry, from the Royal Shakespeare Company, the fourth. Professor Katarina Ambrozic of the Belgrade Art Acdemy was unfortunately prevented by illness from presenting the fifth.

Over the course of the years since Petar's death, members of the family and of the Foundation have looked to ways in which awards and donations might prove a positive and generous way to maintain the memory. As for donations, from Petar's collection of approximately 6,000 books and publications, 25 cartons of works covering history, drama, language, literature and philosophy were transported to Bulgaria and, from 2001 onwards, have been catalogued and shelved at Sofia University, in the Dora Gabe Library in Dobrich, at Shumen University and in the European Reading Room at UNIBIT.

A selection of art books, exhibition catalogues, slides were donated to the National Art Academy in 2015.


An award was presented annually, from 2002 - 2008, in conjunction with the BBC, for a "Young Radio Journalist", based on the model of Petar's "Pet Minuti". Award ceremonies were held at the Military Club and the Red House.

Another award has been for "Public Speaking", held and celebrated at NATFIZ in Sofia, under the guidance of Professor Elisabeth Sotirova.

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