The Ouvaliev Foundation

The Ouvaliev Foundation is a charitable Foundation, registered in Bulgaria, for the promotion of culture in the name of the Ouvaliev family.

The Ouvaliev Foundation was established in Bulgaria in 1999 and has organised, promoted and carried out many and varied cultural activities, backed by the members.

Officers and members

Sonia Rouve


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Mila Rouve


Honoured members

Svetlin Roussev

  • gave the first memorial lecture in February 2000
  • a publisher of Bulgarian translation of "Turner" in 2006

Ognyan Kovachev

  • joint editor of collection of BBC broadcasts

Yordan Yordanov

  • public relations and events organiser

Ivo Hadjimishev

  • organized a centenary exhibition of photos of all aspects of Petar’s life

Maria Klissurska

  • acquired permission from Sofia Municipality for the erection of commemorative plaque at Karnigradska No. 1
  • acquired agreement for naming of a street after Petar Ouvaliev

Ognyan Kovachev

  • Contact person with Sofia University

Notable past events

  • A street in Sofia named after Petar Ouvaliev

    In 2015 The Ouvaliev Foundation also acquired permission of naming a street after Petar Ouvaliev in his home town Sofia. You can find "Petar Ouvaliev" Str. in Studentski grad.

  • Film Week in Sofia 2015

    In late September 2015 at Kino Odeon, the Foundation, together with the Bulgarian National Filmoteka, organised a week of showings of films on which Petar Ouvaliev had worked.

    The programme opened with a showing of the world renowned film directed by Michelangelo Antonioni, "Blow Up", for which Pierre was Executive Producer.

    Next was a showing of "Libel", premiered in 1959 at the Odeon Leicester Square. The following evening there was a showing of "Trial and Error" for which Petar Ouvaliev worked as screenwriter, basing the script on a story by John Mortimer. October opened with the glamorous pairing of Sofia Loren and Peter Sellers in "The Millionairess". The Director, Anthony Asquith, wrote to Petar Ouvaliev "I am profoundly grateful to you... and what a joy it was to work with someone whom you trust absolutely".

    In addition there was a showing of Stanislava Kalcheva's film for BNT "A Bulgarian Voice in Europe" which gave many insights into Pierre's work.

  • Petar Ouvaliev's 100th Anniversary

    On 12th January 2015, 100 years exactly since Petar was born, members of the Foundation, the media, friends and family opened the day's celebrations with the dedication and unveiling of a commemorative plaque - designed by Ivan Prodev - on the Uvaliev family house at Ulitsa Karnigradska 1. Bulgarian Radio then interviewed both Sonia Rouve Uvalieva and their daughter Mila, before moving to Sofia University for the presentation by Ivo Hadjimishev of his exhibition of photos showing many aspects of Petar's life. At 3 p.m. in the Aula Magna, the Rector opened the event and Chair Dr. Kovachev introduced the key speaker, Professor Svetlin Roussev. Sonia, Mila and the Chef de Mission at the British Embassy also spoke. Mila was called down from the podium to assist the Minister for Posts in franking the first cover of the commemorative postage stamp. The afternoon closed with the world premiere performance of "Through the Cold Smoke", commissioned from Dobrinka Tabakova, by Ivo (violin) and Luchezar Stankov (piano).

    Other events, particularly the showing of the photo exhibition, continued throughout the year and around Bulgaria; in May in Bourgas; in August in Varna a presentation of the first volume of "Pet Minuti" with the editor and publisher. In October there was a week's showing at Kino Odeon in Sofia of films on which Petar had worked. November saw the photo exhibition, a presentation and a film show in the History Museum in Ruse.

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  • A school in Blagoevgrad named after Petar's mother

    Petar's desire was that his family should be honoured for their contribution to Bulgarian life and culture. His mother had, for many years, been a very successful Head of Denkoglu Primary School in Sofia and Petar knew that one of her desires was to further the education of disadvantaged children and to fund the training of teachers.

    With this in mind, the Foundation agreed, after discussions of values and curriculum, to approve the use of the name Guina Ouvalieva to a new First School in Blagoevgrad, whose Head was an experienced teacher.

  • Computer equipment donated to Petar's mother's old school

    Again in the field of education, the Foundation made possible the funding and installation of equipment for a Computer classroom at her old school in 2001. A 21st century version of her earlier work.

  • Honour to Petar's father

    To honour his father, Christo Ouvaliev, the Foundation joined with the publishing centre of Sofia University to reproduce his 1915 "Obutchenieto po Frenski Ezik", in their collection "Universitetska Klassika" (2005)

  • Petar Ouvaliev Centre in Dora Gabe Library in Dobrich

    The Foundation has been active in the establishment of the "Centre Petar Ouvaliev" in the Dora Gabe Library in Dobrich where, in 1995, Petar had given the memorial lecture "Yordan Yovkov i Sveta". The Centre is a research and archive area.

  • Donations of books

    Donations e.g. books to Sofia University, Dobrich, AUBG and UNIBIT; art materials to the National Art Academy; touring exhibition of the Photo Gallery, have all been in conjunction with the Foundation.

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  • Film about Petar Ouvaliev

    Bulgarian National Television made a film about Petar Ouvaliev - "A Bulgarian Voice in Europe" ("Edin Bulgarski Glas vuv Evropa") directed by Stanislava Kalcheva. The large screen premiere at Kino Odeon, introduced by Stanislava, was one of the 90th anniversary events in 2005.

  • 90th Anniversary

    Professor Alexander Fol, Professor Angel Angelov (then President of the Bulgarian Union of Journalists) and Professor Isaac Passy, all longstanding friends of Petar.

    A celebration of Petar's 90th anniversary was organised in January 2005 at The Red House in Sofia. The evening brought together many of the activities and interests most dear to Petar.

    The guests that evening were welcomed by Mila Rouve who chaired the first half of the evening’s programme. Professor Angel Angelov, then Director of the Uvaliev Foundation gave the opening speech. We were entertained with readings of Petar’s work by students of the University, by a piano recital by Petar’s nephew Metodi Tzvetanov and the showing of 2 films by Toma Tomov. Bulgarian wine was, of course, consumed!

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