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Petar Ouvaliev aka Pierre Rouve
(1915 - 1998)          
Welcome to the Petar Ouvaliev aka Pierre Rouve web site!

The first thing Id like to do is to explain the title.  

Petar Ouvaliev aka Pierre Rouve was the title by which he was known in the first British passport with which he was issued on being granted British citizenship in 1968.    It is one which I decided to use as the title of my Biography and, I believe, shows how his personality and all his artistic activities bridged the two persons:  the Bulgarian who had already begun to make a name for himself before coming to the West and the perfect European that he became once settled in the United Kingdom.

What we have attempted to do here is to show you something of the vast range of his activities:  lectures, films, publications and more.   You can also see photos covering the whole span of his life.   We would welcome stories and other material which may enrich this site and look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Thank you for visiting the site.

Sonia Rouve-Ouvalieva
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